One of the Most Stressful Nights In a Long Time

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At 8:00 PM EST yesterday, FixUpMyPic’s uploading system underwent a serious overhaul. At that time, the upload page was temporarily parked, and our wonderful coding team started on the updates. Immediately, things started to go downhill.

You see, the moment our upload page went down, we received a ton of email asking when we will be back up and complaining about other sorts of mayhem. We apologized initially, but promised that we would only be down for a mere 30 minutes. This “30 minutes” actually turned out to be about 4 hours, and we are quite sure that some of the several thousand visits we had from that first point was not too happy.

The word “Beta” is on the logo for a reason – we know we are going to have bugs and weird issues on the site, and everyone should realize that we aren’t perfect…yet. When we removed that beta tag, then, we will indeed be perfect – or we highly hope so.

Anyway, right when we came back live, we started to receive new pics from users, and we know a majority of you waited patiently and are just as happy as us to see the site fully functional again. So thank you everyone, except for the few wrongdoers, for your kind patience and words about the new system.

So what is the new system exactly? Well we can sum it up in two words: Easy Upload. Instead of users having to type in what they want done to their pics, they can now select from a pre-set list of effects and filters to be applied to their pics. We selected the most popular and highly rated effects since our launch, and included them in the list. We will continue to add to it as time goes by, but for now a majority of our users will be happy. You can still use our original and advanced uploader to ask for more complex things such as different colored eyes or blemish reduction, and the fact that a human will work on the pics either way is what makes FixUpMyPic stand tall amongst the rest.

This not only cuts time for you, but cuts time for us as well, as our staff already has the easy uploader effects in place – they just have to apply them when they get the request. Individual care will still go into each and every pic, but for the quality of both you and our time, we highly recommend the easy uploader.

So through the long time and taunts from some of our users, this night was a pretty bad one, however, we did get all of our updates set in stone. We know that the easy uploader isn’t the prettiest right now, but it’s functional, and we hope you enjoy it. Thanks for everyone’s support and such a positive response, and thank you especially to our very talented coding team – we will keep treating you and your pics well.

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Automation & FixUpMyPic Updates

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We have received over 500 unique pictures over the last couple of days on FixUpMyPic, and we are extremely honored to have such a turn out; especially this early in the site’s age. Some of them unfortunately couldn’t be returned due to extremely low quality or resolution, but over 90% have been fixed and uploaded into the gallery. We hadn’t expected this many photos so fast, but since we did, the coding team is now rapidly working on a few updates. This information won’t go on the F.U.M.P blog because it may encourage users to wait. When the update is applied, it will happen immediately, and the user will be able to use all the new features.

We have created a PHP based system that will almost automatically fix the user’s pic and give it back to them. A human will still glance at it to make sure it is appropriate, but the turnaround time will be less than an hour. The user will upload a pic, select which effect, colorization, or frame they want, (or a combination of any of them,) and within an hour they will receive their fixed pic.

Though the majority of our users will use this new system, there will still be the option to upload it directly to one of our professionals. It will be the exact same way as it is now. Upload a pic, describe how you want it, and within the normal 24 hour period it will be sent to them. However, the first option will be more appealing, as it is extremely faster and will have almost every option one would want.

This is the first major update to the site, and as always in a beta, there will be more to come. We hope the users enjoy the FixUp option that we are now giving them, and we look forward to the process being faster and more efficient to everyone. This update will be applied within the week, and I’ll update this post when it happens.

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A Little Bit About The Current Projects

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Just to get my readers familiar with the current projects and their progress, I will list them in order of importance. Even though you can view them on the sidebar to the right, here is a little bit of info about each one.

GameDrift – Technology & Gaming Combined. My first real site and the one I have probably put the most time in. We discuss and review current and past games, conduct interviews, and host independent opinions about the industry. Updates have been a little slow lately but traffic is still quite intense.

FixUpMyPic – Photo Improvement. This free photo retouching service has gone way far beyond my expectations, and is gaining popularity tremendously. FUMP, as many call it, is receiving a ton of positive press and is even going to be featured in Women’s World Weekly, who reports to have over 2 million weekly readers. This is going to bring a lot of new users to the site, and we can’t wait.

PhetchIt – The Best of the Internet. This is an automatically updated blog which bases its content on the internet’s most popular RSS feeds. This has been mostly an experiment, but seems to get a lot of visitors from the trackbacks it produces.

Buogo – Helping the World Listen. This site is currently a WIP, and we are still looking for investors and contributors. The site will be an online magazine powered by the users and their content. More on this later.

Though there are several other projects that I am affiliated with, these seem to be the most important. Keep checking the blog for updates on these projects and more. I hope you’ve enjoyed them.

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Welcome & Recap

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Dear internet – there are a few things I would like to tell you. First and foremost, as you probably already know, this is the official blog about me, Stuart Piazza. It is going to be more personal than anything, but here you will find out updates about my life, my projects, and news about my integration with the internet and world. Some would say that I’ve already created a small impact which I’ve been a tad quiet about it all until now. You can call this a confession, but it’s really more of a confirmation and a recap about my recent past.

The first thing I am going to bring up, the one that I got the most emails about, is the Digg Vs. Destructoid debacle reaching over 5,000 Diggs. Yes, I was the one that started that story, but it wasn’t to hurt an independent gaming site or just to get “popular” on Digg. I started it because I feel as if any information about anyone cheating a system must be brought up and shared. That is all I am going to say about that, because it is over with and almost everyone has forgotten about it. It really doesn’t matter anymore, and this specific gaming site is actually very informative and entertaining – I have nothing against them at this time.

Another thing that I will bring up is that I was the leader of another independent gaming site for a while, 1pStart. I’m not sure how well they are doing now, but I did write for them for a while, and one could say that this was my first real step in the true gaming industry. After a while I left and re-launched GameDrift, another independent gaming website that I own. I work on it with a group to this date, and I am happy to say that it gets a good amount of traffic.

Now after confirming that which you probably already know, I encourage you to read this blog regularly as there will be daily updates about my current projects and their statuses. I seem to be straying away from the gaming industry and focusing more on the Social Networking aspects of the internet, (you can visit all of my projects to the right of this,) but more of that later. Thanks for visiting my blog, I hope you enjoy the posts.

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