The Entrecard Experiment

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It is said that the average site can double it’s traffic just by dropping their Entrecard on 300 sites a day for a month. This will give the user 300 points instantly, and enough exposure to those 300 people per day to come back to your site and drop your card. Many of those sites are part of the “U Drop, I Follow” network, where they will make sure of dropping a card back on you if you drop yours on theirs first. So, to help motivate some non-active Entrecard users out there, I am going to make it a habit of dropping 300 times a day and see what happens.

Now dropping 300 times a day might sound hectic, but if you Google “Entrecard Lists” or “Entrecard 300 Lists,” then you will find lists of sites that have the Entrecard above the fold, (above the point of where you have to start scrolling,) and sites that load quickly. This process should take around 20 minutes a day, and help you out when finding sites to drop on. These lists will help me out as well upon conducting this experiment.

I am starting this experiment with about 1000ec, and we will see where I am in terms of credits in a month of this post without purchasing any advertising or items. I will also post my traffic influx if there is one. To help me out, make sure you drop your Entrecard on mine, (on the right,) and within these next 30 days we’ll see what happens.

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Google Adsense vs. Yahoo Publisher Network: Which One Is Truly Better?

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There are a million Adsense vs. YPN articles out there, but this one is different. This one will be based upon a different opinion, and ultimately contain a different conclusion. If you think you have already made your choice of a preferable publisher network to run on your site, you may want to think again.


The New and Ugly Google Favicon – It Looks Like a Toilet Seat

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It seems as if Google has just changed its favicon, (the little logo next to the address in the address bar,) and let me tell you, I am not fond of it at all. Sure, it does stand out more than the old one because now it has a small gradient behind it, but it doesn’t feel “Googlish” at all. To me, it looks like a toilet seat, and the bland purple coloring makes it even less attractive.

I am a Google fanboy, who isn’t?, and always will be, but this new favicon logo just bugs me. It’s like Google couldn’t figure out which “g” looks cooler in the logo; the capitalized G, or the lowercased g. The older one had a thin multicolored box around it, mirroring those that are in the logo, but this one just seems out of place, childish, and doesn’t really relate to the Google logo overall. What do you guys think? Do you like it? Does it really even matter?

Note: If you aren’t seeing the logo in your browser, do a hard cache refresh. (Control+F5 a few times.)

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