It seems as if Google has just changed its favicon, (the little logo next to the address in the address bar,) and let me tell you, I am not fond of it at all. Sure, it does stand out more than the old one because now it has a small gradient behind it, but it doesn’t feel “Googlish” at all. To me, it looks like a toilet seat, and the bland purple coloring makes it even less attractive.

I am a Google fanboy, who isn’t?, and always will be, but this new favicon logo just bugs me. It’s like Google couldn’t figure out which “g” looks cooler in the logo; the capitalized G, or the lowercased g. The older one had a thin multicolored box around it, mirroring those that are in the logo, but this one just seems out of place, childish, and doesn’t really relate to the Google logo overall. What do you guys think? Do you like it? Does it really even matter?

Note: If you aren’t seeing the logo in your browser, do a hard cache refresh. (Control+F5 a few times.)

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