So today I went to order my Wacom Bamboo Tablet on Amazon that I have been wanting for a while. The price was right, there was free shipping, and I had a $10 gift card from a Zune survey that they had us do in the early stages of the new version of their software. So I placed it in my basket, went to check out, applied the gift card, and then this happened. The picture will tell you the rest of the story, and I promise this isn’t a Photoshopped screenshot.

Yeah, I technically had a gift card worth $9,999,999 and it was applied to an order a little over $60. I actually stopped to stare at it for a second, as I probably will never even see, own, or even smell that amount of money in my life. I would have canceled the order, taken that new gift card number, and probably ordered something a tad pricier, but before I hit submit order the ethical side of me would have kicked in, I’m sure.

I would end up telling Amazon about it before I spent more online than anyone else has, ever, but still, this was a pretty funny experience. After changing my shipping options it went down to a measly $10 which is what was really on the card, but I’m sure glad I captured the image before I went back to the normal and poor self that I am.

Amazon, Glitch, Wacom, Tablet, Bamboo Tablet, PhotoshopAmazon, Glitch, Wacom, Tablet, Bamboo Tablet, Photoshop