So far, Qassia is very intriguing. It claims to be an “intelligence engine,” or a closed community of blogs where users share links and “intel,” or information with each other. When a user reads and refers the intel, they gain Qassia bucks, which they get to spend on backlinks, other sources of traffic, or integrate it with their ad revenue sharing program somehow. This is definitely a good idea for users with new site startups.

Once you sign up you immediately get a user account, where you can add your sites and other info. You also get a referral link to invite your friends with, and if you do, you receive $100 QBucks. But if you sign up within the next 12 hours from this post and refer someone, because of the closed beta, Quassia has upped it to $500 QBucks. So here is an invitation for you, (click the link and then Sign Up so I get the refer credit and you get the closed access,) and we can all test this together. Enjoy.

I am going to be using this service for The Many Happenings, and I will write updates as they happen. I hope the service is worthwhile – it definitely seems like it is.

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