We have received over 500 unique pictures over the last couple of days on FixUpMyPic, and we are extremely honored to have such a turn out; especially this early in the site’s age. Some of them unfortunately couldn’t be returned due to extremely low quality or resolution, but over 90% have been fixed and uploaded into the gallery. We hadn’t expected this many photos so fast, but since we did, the coding team is now rapidly working on a few updates. This information won’t go on the F.U.M.P blog because it may encourage users to wait. When the update is applied, it will happen immediately, and the user will be able to use all the new features.

We have created a PHP based system that will almost automatically fix the user’s pic and give it back to them. A human will still glance at it to make sure it is appropriate, but the turnaround time will be less than an hour. The user will upload a pic, select which effect, colorization, or frame they want, (or a combination of any of them,) and within an hour they will receive their fixed pic.

Though the majority of our users will use this new system, there will still be the option to upload it directly to one of our professionals. It will be the exact same way as it is now. Upload a pic, describe how you want it, and within the normal 24 hour period it will be sent to them. However, the first option will be more appealing, as it is extremely faster and will have almost every option one would want.

This is the first major update to the site, and as always in a beta, there will be more to come. We hope the users enjoy the FixUp option that we are now giving them, and we look forward to the process being faster and more efficient to everyone. This update will be applied within the week, and I’ll update this post when it happens.

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