Dear internet – there are a few things I would like to tell you. First and foremost, as you probably already know, this is the official blog about me, Stuart Piazza. It is going to be more personal than anything, but here you will find out updates about my life, my projects, and news about my integration with the internet and world. Some would say that I’ve already created a small impact which I’ve been a tad quiet about it all until now. You can call this a confession, but it’s really more of a confirmation and a recap about my recent past.

The first thing I am going to bring up, the one that I got the most emails about, is the Digg Vs. Destructoid debacle reaching over 5,000 Diggs. Yes, I was the one that started that story, but it wasn’t to hurt an independent gaming site or just to get “popular” on Digg. I started it because I feel as if any information about anyone cheating a system must be brought up and shared. That is all I am going to say about that, because it is over with and almost everyone has forgotten about it. It really doesn’t matter anymore, and this specific gaming site is actually very informative and entertaining – I have nothing against them at this time.

Another thing that I will bring up is that I was the leader of another independent gaming site for a while, 1pStart. I’m not sure how well they are doing now, but I did write for them for a while, and one could say that this was my first real step in the true gaming industry. After a while I left and re-launched GameDrift, another independent gaming website that I own. I work on it with a group to this date, and I am happy to say that it gets a good amount of traffic.

Now after confirming that which you probably already know, I encourage you to read this blog regularly as there will be daily updates about my current projects and their statuses. I seem to be straying away from the gaming industry and focusing more on the Social Networking aspects of the internet, (you can visit all of my projects to the right of this,) but more of that later. Thanks for visiting my blog, I hope you enjoy the posts.

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