Just to get my readers familiar with the current projects and their progress, I will list them in order of importance. Even though you can view them on the sidebar to the right, here is a little bit of info about each one.

GameDrift – Technology & Gaming Combined. My first real site and the one I have probably put the most time in. We discuss and review current and past games, conduct interviews, and host independent opinions about the industry. Updates have been a little slow lately but traffic is still quite intense.

FixUpMyPic – Photo Improvement. This free photo retouching service has gone way far beyond my expectations, and is gaining popularity tremendously. FUMP, as many call it, is receiving a ton of positive press and is even going to be featured in Women’s World Weekly, who reports to have over 2 million weekly readers. This is going to bring a lot of new users to the site, and we can’t wait.

PhetchIt – The Best of the Internet. This is an automatically updated blog which bases its content on the internet’s most popular RSS feeds. This has been mostly an experiment, but seems to get a lot of visitors from the trackbacks it produces.

Buogo – Helping the World Listen. This site is currently a WIP, and we are still looking for investors and contributors. The site will be an online magazine powered by the users and their content. More on this later.

Though there are several other projects that I am affiliated with, these seem to be the most important. Keep checking the blog for updates on these projects and more. I hope you’ve enjoyed them.

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