If you are returning from the last version of this blog then I would like to offer my deepest appreciation. If you are new however, let me briefly explain the history of stuartpiazza.com.

Before any of my projects, I registered this domain based on my real name. I shared dreams, stories, and political opinions on a weekly basis. I had a good amount of readers, but due to the unfortunate time constraints of work and my latest internet based projects, I put the blog on hold.

The blog had a different name too, but it was kind of similar. It was called, “Related Happenings”. After deciding to relaunch the blog, I changed it to “The Many Happenings” because things here wouldn’t just be limited to relating to my life anymore – I decided to offer personal advice and other tips for being successful on the internet.

I also decided to delete the old posts and start over because this blog was based on a different premise. I hope this is okay to all of you, and I hope you enjoy what I have to offer here. Things are going to be slow at first, as I have started creating this blog and signing up for blogging services quite early. Expect several posts a day starting in a few months.

Once again, if you are returning, thank you very much. If you are new, then welcome, and thanks for joining my readership.