A couple of weeks ago, I watched the LSU/Alabama game, and Reilly watched part of it with me.  We are not fans of either team, and he knows that, so I think he was a little confused as to why we were watching it in the first place.  Add to it that we are Auburn fans (Auburn Tigers, LSU Tigers, ??) and the confusion mounted.

Reilly: Daddy – we don’t like the Elephants, right?
Me: Right.  But we do want them to win this game.
R: Who are they playing?
M: LSU.  (pause as I think through the Tigers, Tigers problem)  They are also called the Tigers, but they are not the Auburn Tigers.
R: (…thinking…)  So, we don’t want the LSU ((Ever since then, he refers to LSU as “the LSU,” which cracks me up.)) to win?
M: Right.
R: But we do want the Elephants to win?
M: Today we do, yes. 

He sat and looked at me for a while as he processed this situation.  It seemed like minutes passed.

R: Then I will say War Eagle Elephants!  Because we don’t say “Roll Tide,” right, Daddy?
M: Right!

He spent most of the first half shouting “War Eagle Elephants” at the television.  Priceless.