Add this comment to the signs that I’m getting older: When I was in high school, $10 worth of gas in my Dad’s Datsun 210, and later the Toyota Corolla, held me for weeks.  In college, I could fill up my Nissan Sentra ((What about it?)) or Honda Civic on the first of the month and not worry about gas again for the rest of the month ((Granted, I lived less than a mile from my classes for the majority of the time there, but still…)), road-trips aside. 

This morning, I stopped to put some gas in my Trooper; and I wondered how far $10 ((Gas was at $3.05 for regular unleaded, compared to $.80 or so when I was in high school.)) would go.  Less than a quarter of a tank, it turns out; which should roughly translate into about 80 or so miles.  Hopefully enough for the week.