File this under crazy things you don’t expect to hear from your agent – we were robbed at one of our open houses.

He called the Wednesday after the house was held open on Sunday to say that he had received an email from another agent stating that there were reports of people pretending to look at houses while they were actually going after medication.  And, he said, that one woman who was so interested only left a six digit phone number and no last name, and she did ask if she could use the restroom before she left, and she was in there for what seemed like a long time…

Sure enough – the medicines that MR had left over from her whirlwind day `o surgeries were all gone.  The bottles were still there, but not so much the contents.

I checked the rest of the house, and nothing else appeared to be missing – no jewelry or electronics or anything like that.

I can’t decide if I am angrier that (1) we were robbed or that (2) the person our agent thought was most likely to purchase is apparently not really interested in the house.